Now the work is done

Tuesday, 10 March 2009.

Now the work is done

I've finally, finally finished the mix of the new album - 2 minutes ago - after far too many late nights in the studio and not enough sleep...

'Frequency' weighs in at 62 minutes and 2 seconds - our longest single album to date.

Track listing:

1. Frequency (8:29)
2. Life support (6:28)
3. Stronger than friction (10:32)
4. One fatal mistake (4:54)
5. Ryker skies (9:45)
6. The province (13:43)
7. Closer (8:11)

The molten gold masters will be rushed to the pressing plant via secret underground trains (yes, they existed all along...) where mildly enormous transparent beasts will press the CDs using their own saliva...

Now to get on with the audio mix of the DVD for the special edition of the album...

BTW, we're also thinking of doing a special limited edition on wax cylinder - whaddya think?


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