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Paul Cook - Drums

Name: Paul Nigel Cook

Date Of Birth: 24/02/61

Born at a relatively early age to adoring parents. 7 Colvile Avenue, Shoreham by-sea would never be the same again

Early memories of giant Mushroom Collecting and mud pie eating  was on the menu of course.

The dim street lighting would shine into his bedroom, this would be his earliest memory of a bigger brighter world outside:

After 4 long years of duty walking the streets of colville. He moved to the mostly impressive Parkside. This up Market private road was to be the main influence for the next 25 years on this yet to be Drummer.

His father instilled an interest in music and strict tempo two step. This eventually gave way to a snare drum which he would play about the house terrorising the inhabitants, after many years which seemed like weeks of anticipation he was given his first drum-kit at the age of 10. It was a mother of pearl finish Boozy n hawks with cast iron lugs which would explode due to the tension holding the pig skin heads onto the shells.  

Schooling for this chap was to be a local division of the Shoreham by - sea boot camp.  Bondage and discipline was the order of the day until meeting up with life long friend and confidant Marcus Finch
They scaled the Walls and escaped into the wider world.

After a brief but highly interesting experiment with magic mushrooms etc he embarked on his life long desire to become a world famous rock star !!! But first a solid grounding in military Two step and big band jazz Not to mention regular sessions with the internationally acclaimed Worthing Gang show Fame and fortune would have to wait.......  

After a long period of snorkelling off the coast of  blighty he climbed onboard the good ship IQ where he found musical awareness and a keen sense of drinking.....

the rest as they say is history.