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IQ20 - Live in Aschaffenburg

IQ20 - Live in Aschaffenburg


Disc 1:
1. Intro
2. Awake And Nervous
3. The Thousand Days/The Magic Roundabout
4. The Wrong Side Of Weird
5. State Of Mine/Leap Of Faith/Came Down
6. Erosion
7. The Seventh House

Disc 2:
1. The Narrow Margin (middle section)
2. Just Changing Hands
3. Guiding Light
4. The Last Human Gateway
5. Subterranea


Recorded live in concert (Feb 16th, 2002 Germany) from the personal soundboard archives of the band, IQ's 20 is an essential acquisition. This 2 CD package is from the "The Seventh House" tour and contains many of IQ's great songs including a stunning opening into "Awake & Nervous", a great version of "The Wrong Side Of Weird" and a haunting beautiful version of "The Last Human Gateway". With this version of the "The Last Human Gateway" I now do not need IQ to rush to "re-do" the first album. As an encore they perform "Subterranea" which brings a wonderful evening and concert to a close. The only negative thing I can say here is that the CD is all but over too soon... This Cd package comes as a limited edition and is packaged in a cardboard album styled CD sleeve. Packaging is minimal but the music is the key.

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