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The Lost Attic

The Lost Attic


1. The Universal Scam
2. Wintertell
3. The Last Human Gateway (middle section)
4. Hollow Afternoon (1999 recording)
5. Apathetic And Here, I...
6. N.T.O.C. (resistance)
7. Eyes Of The Blind
8. Barbell Is In (12" lizard mix)
9. The Bold Grenadier
10. My Legs
11. Fascination
12. Hollow Afternoon
13. Awake And Nervous (radio session)
14. Just Changing Hands (radio session)
15. Widow's Peak (radio session)


Well being a big IQ and having access to another CD of their early and unrelased songs sounds like a great idea to me (once again thanks Richard!). "The Lost Attic" explores many of the missing pieces from IQ's past including tracks which did not make it onto "Subterranea", "Tales From The Lush Attic" and "The Wake". But listen my friends don't chalk this up as fragments or scraps from their past which were second rate. . . to quote a "Richard'ism ", this is a "Top Drawer" piece of work. Several songs have been re-recorded including a real lost gem "Hollow Afternoon" which I have had for a long time with major vinyl imperfections throughout. Historical snipets include 3 tracks recorded back in the early 80's for the BBC live, "Barbell Is In (Lizard Mix)" and "Apathetic And Here I" (A delicate piece in memory of the late Geoff MANN with a great IQ touch... a personal fav!!!!) to name a few. Even a few Paul Menel lost gems for those who followed IQ through the thick and thin. "The Lost Attic" is essential if you are into IQ and like me can not ever get enough of 'em.

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