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The Wake

The Wake


1. Outer Limits
2. The Wake
3. The Magic Roundabout
4. Corners
5. Widow's Peak
6. The Thousand Days
7. Headlong 


Wake by name and Wake by nature: listening to the album is rather like reading Baudelaire - grand, heavy with imagery, dark and relentless. As the band play out a series of funereal, gothic landscapes, one has the impression of being caught in a surreal nightmare from which there is no waking up, or of being sat on some demonic carousel. As it moves between pretty pastoral passages and psychedelic punk-outs, the music is by turns frenzied, bruised, brutal, and yet with moments of beauty, frailty and compassion. Anguish, world-weariness, claustrophobia and disorientation are everywhere - this is an extended cry from a consciousness weighed down by more than its fair share of gravity: `even the rain won't fall in a straight line'.

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