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Tim Esau - Bass

It was 1981, about summer o’clock. A teenage Tim Esau, having decided that he no longer wished to play ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree’ in the ‘Clubs’, was scanning the music classifieds in the ‘Southern Evening Echo’ when he happened upon an interesting advert. It read something along the lines of ‘bass player wanted – into jazz, rock, Talking Heads, Prog, Camel etc’. It was his love of camels which initially led him to respond post haste.

The next day, after the little misunderstanding about the camels had been cleared up, two blokes turned up at his house. As luck would have it they were instantly recognised as Southampton’s own Prog celebs Holmes and Orford out of ‘The Lens’ who were already an established local Prog delicacy. They all went up to his bedroom to sort a few things out and when they emerged some time later, a monumental life changing occurrence had occurred. The young Esau was signed up to a new experimental combo; at that time still nameless but who were to become IQ.

After several years of Prog highs and lows, Tim decided to call it a day and disappeared into the world of ‘not much Prog at all really’ and did various music related stuff including a stint as a keyboard player with an awfully nice bunch of Scottish types called ‘Auratone’. He also secured work in the music technology industry working at various studio equipment hire companies and as a studio engineer with a well-known TV / Film music composer working on well-known TV and Film music. After a rapid and manic period of education, childbirth (not him obviously) and relocation to a Northern town, he also flitted about with a Genesis / Peter Gabriel tribute band as well as some briefer, yet on-going flits with the Tony Patterson Band.

After more several years, Tim received a most unexpected email invitation from his long time stalker Peter Nicholls. The package on offer was obviously too good for him to resist and so it was that after a hiatus of a mere 20 years, in 2011 he returned to IQ, with the words “Ha, only joking, I didn’t really want to leave!”


These days Tim doesn’t have much time for reading anything other than techie music mags but has recently enjoyed the works of CJ Sansom – the “Shardlake’ series and ‘A Winter in Madrid’.


A LOT of time is spent learning and remembering IQ songs but for musical relaxation Tim turns to the mellower sounds of the likes of Elbow, Ron Sexsmith and other more acoustic types of things.


Viewing wise currently Monday nights are a televisual feast with Corrie – University Challenge – Corrie. Other than that he is very much looking forward to taking his daughters to see ‘The Hobbit’ whether they want to go or not! (allegedly)