Ever 25th Anniversary Edition
EVER 2018 REMIX - 25TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTORS EDITION ‘Ever’ the hugely popular IQ... more info
Previously available on the Inside Out label, ‘Frequency’, IQ’s critically... more info
Resistance CD
Disc 1 A Missile Rise Stay Down Alampandria Shallow Bay If Anything For Another Lifetime Disc 2 The... more info
Subterranea - OST
Subterranea - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - PRE ORDER From the recent film based on IQ's... more info
Tales From The Lush Attic
The debut album from IQ, released in 1983, has remained hugely popular amongst the IQ community, in... more info
The Road Of Bones
IQ, The Road Of Bones, single disc edition 1. From The Outside In 2. The Road Of Bones 3. Without... more info
The Road Of Bones (Double Disc)
The latest album from IQ, The Road Of Bones This is a double disc edition with digipak case... more info
The Wake - 2010 Remaster
The Wake is now once again available as a one disc editon. This seminal album is no longer... more info
Dark Matter
Track Listing: 1. Sacred Sound 2. Red Dust Shadow 3. You Never Will 4. Born Brilliant 5. Harvest Of... more info
The Seventh House
Track Listing: 1. The Wrong Side Of Weird 2. Erosion 3. The Seventh House 4. Zero Hour 5. Shooting... more info
Track Listing: Disc 1: 1. Overture 2. Provider 3. Subterranea 4. Sleepless Incidental 5. Failsafe... more info
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
Track Listing: 1. War Heroes 2. Drive On 3. Nostalgia 4. Falling Apart At The Seams 5. Sold On You... more info