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Online chat with Peter

(An online Q&A session with Peter from 2003)


Session Start: Wed Oct 28 19:57:00 2003
Session Ident: #iqwebchat
<Frederic_Cermelj_France> Hello Denise. Adriano is having problems
* Joins: Adriano_from_Italy
* Joins: Arthur_-_Netherlands
<Arthur_-_Netherlands> Good evening
<Adriano_from_Italy> Hallo !
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Hello Frederic, I see Adriano is back. Welcome!
<Arthur_-_Netherlands> Is Dr Powder in the house ?
<Adriano_from_Italy> Yeah, I'm back, I forgot to name my country !
<Frederic_Cermelj_France> Yes... Adriano from Italy. Welcome to all of you
<Adriano_from_Italy> Welcome from my side too !
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> I don' t know if Dr. Powder is already there.
* Arthur_-_Netherlands is now known as Arthur-Netherlands
<Adriano_from_Italy> He's always late ...
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Is he? Have You done this before?
<Arthur-Netherlands> O.k. then I go for a drink and wait ...
<Arthur-Netherlands> Wave wave
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> I think this is Dr. Powders hand on my screen???
* Joins: DrPowder

<Adriano_from_Italy> No, I didn't, but I know that IQ are always late, when they have to record an album !
<Adriano_from_Italy> Yeah, Hello Peter!
<MrPloppy> doctor powder is the house
<Arthur-Netherlands> Hello Peter
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> O Yeah, that' s right
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Hello Pete
<Frederic_Cermelj_France> Hello Peter !
<DrPowder> Hi Arthur!
<DrPowder> I'm ready for your probing questions...oo-er!
<Arthur-Netherlands> How's life as a father ?
* Joins: Jeric_Germany
<DrPowder> It's the best ever, I recommend it thoroughly. Ruby is fab.
<DrPowder> Thanks for taking part. Gotta go. Goodnight!
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Well it's also great to be a mother, but also heavy with my twin boys
<MrPloppy> hang on Pete......
<MrPloppy> is 90 minutes not 90 seconds
<Adriano_from_Italy> It's a little bit early, isn't it?
<DrPowder> Denise! How are the twins? That was a surprise, I'll bet!
* Joins: edsander
<Jeric_Germany> I knew that men make it short, but this short - ???Pete
<Adriano_from_Italy> Hello to Ed, too !
<edsander> Hi guys !
<DrPowder> That was pretty long for me.

<Arthur-Netherlands> Edje !
<Jeric_Germany> Oh, first though: hello from Germany!
<MrPloppy> Anybody got a good question for Pete?
<DrPowder> Or even a bad one...
<Adriano_from_Italy> Nice to see you in good shape (it's bella forma in italian), how's life, Dr Powder?
<edsander> Yep. Any working titles for the new stuff .... ther than newie 1, newie 2, etc ?
<Jeric_Germany> Thousands- which one first personal or musical? You've had your hair cut...will you
be as charismatic without long hair?
<DrPowder> Red Dust Shadow is the only one so far...but I also have Neon Drive in mind.
<Adriano_from_Italy> Yes he his! I had my hair cut too !
<Jeric_Germany> Neon Drive for newie Number 1?
<DrPowder> No chance. The hair was the star of the show.
<DrPowder> Neon Drive is just a bit of a lyric at the moment. I also have a couple of album titles
but since I've not mentioned them to the band yet I should keep quiet.
<edsander> Cool fleece Dr.Powder ! ;-)
<DrPowder> Yep...and I got it free!
<Adriano_from_Italy> That means too albums coming, I think ;-))
<Adriano_from_Italy> I've got it on too !!!!!
<Arthur-Netherlands> Newbie 1 was very well reveived by the audience
<Jeric_Germany> What a coincidence- I've got the same fleece *lol*
<Adriano_from_Italy> Me too !
<edsander> Any new plans for the Progeny gig ?
<Adriano_from_Italy> Where did you buy it ?
<Arthur-Netherlands> Sorry received - typo #1
<DrPowder> It's always really scary trying out new tracks live, especially when they're still works
in progress, but yes the audiences seemed to be into the new stuff. Phew!
* Joins: Elwin_D
<Jeric_Germany> Yes, they definitely seemed to like both new tracks. But didn't you have the
impression that they preferred Newie 2 in Germany?
<Arthur-Netherlands> To what extend could the audience make the band to adjust a song ?
<DrPowder> Progeny will be a tough one because we're supposed to be soundchecking at 8.30am!
Actually, Ed, the problem is cutting the set DOWN to 2 hours!
<MrPloppy> The sweatshirt Pete is wearing is the official subterranea sweatshirt, sadly not available any more
* Joins: Jeff_Coo_England
* Quits: Elwin_D (Connection reset by peer )
* Joins: mark
* Joins: Vambo_
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> I'm sorry I missed the gigs in Holland and Belgium Peter. I didn't get a
chance to go. Aaa
<edsander> Cat Bulbie !
* Joins: Elwin_D
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Are there any concrete plans for next year?
<Jeric_Germany> Miew...
* Joins: Jules_Extremely_Rural_US
* Quits: Elwin_D (Client exited )
<Adriano_from_Italy> I'm working in an italian music site,, and me and few others are
supporting and spreading the word "IQ". When will I be able to review the new album ?
<DrPowder> New album, tour, official book, IQ20 DVD...will that do for now?

* Joins: Elwin_D-
<Frederic_Cermelj_France> What about Mark Hughes' official biography of IQ ? We know he is
asking the band to put some personnal notes...
* Quits: mark (Connection reset by peer )
<Jeff_Coo_England> Any new tracks for the Progeny gig on 15 Nov?
<DrPowder> The two that we played in Europe, Jeff.
<Jeric_Germany> But you have finished some others, don't you?
* Quits: Elwin_D- (Client exited )
<MrPloppy> There is no official release date for the new album ever, check IQ Website
for details next year!!!

<DrPowder> The situation with the book is that Mark has pretty much finished the main text
and is now waiting for quotes and anecdotes from the band. So far he's had nothing from Mike,
John and Cookie, tsk tsk.
<Adriano_from_Italy> Elwin_D, will you stop a moment, please ! :-)
<MrPloppy> Please remember there is a time lag, so people may appear to ask questions and
get answers in an odd sequence, Peter will do his best to keep up!

<Jeric_Germany> Spiderman!!!
<edsander> Lazy bunch ... as ever. ;-)
<Adriano_from_Italy> As EVER !
<DrPowder> At the moment those are the only two tracks that are playable live.
<MrPloppy> next question?
* Joins: peter_cheshire
<Arthur-Netherlands> Archive Collection - 2 ?
<Jeric_Germany> But you're sure that the album will be out next year?
* Joins: Elwin-D
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> some things are never sure Jeric?
<edsander> Any other band members joining as well ? I' be interested in hearing
about the Bowmen gig and IQ-J thingie.
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<Adriano_from_Italy> Hi Elwin_D, in and out, this evening ! :-)
<Elwin-D> Ha....finally. The chat from the web wasn't working. Phew...well, I'm here.
* Joins: Vambo_UK
<Jeff_Coo_England> Any idea what the nexy release will be in the archive collection?
And will the Nostalgia bootleg set be issued as part of it or do I still have to carry on hunting down a copy?! Arr
<Vambo_UK> Hi everyone :)
<Adriano_from_Italy> For the ones that haven't heard the newbies, to which album can they be related to ?
* El_Hupeke is back....
* peter_cheshire hello
<Adriano_from_Italy> Jeff, I've got Nostalgia ! Isn't it an italian release ?
<Jeric_Germany> I'd say Subterranea, Adriano
* Joins: ProgDavid
* Joins: biedjee

<edsander> I'm switching PCs. I'l be back in a couple of minutes.
<Jeff_Coo_England> Adriano - you tell me! There aren't that many copies around, unfortunately
* Quits: edsander (Client exited )
<Adriano_from_Italy> Sounds like Subterranea ? Then make it a double cd ! No, No, I'm
not meaning that, this would mean to have an IQ release within five years at least !
<MrPloppy> Pete is typing a long answer
<DrPowder> OK, here's the deal. As you probably all know, none of us in IQ does the band full time. We all have jobs so IQ is kind of an extended hobby for us all. The biggest problem is trying to get everyone's free time to coincide. We do the band as and when we can just because, despite all the stress and struggle it often involves, we do still love doing it and hopefully we're still able to produce music that people want to hear. Personally, I'd r
<Jeric_Germany> Yeah, that's why I was asking whether we'd have to wait years and years for a new it used to be...then I'l go mad!!!
<ProgDavid> Hi everyone

* peter_cheshire so you do iq for free then peter?
<Elwin-D> oh, before I forget to say....13 September at Zoetermeer was grand! My first time seeing my fave band, IQ, live. I'll stop kissing up now. =P
<El_Hupeke> Elwin-D: Mine too and it was great!!!
* Joins: mabelwissesmit
* Quits: mabelwissesmit (Client exited )

<DrPowder> There will probably be another Archive Collection release next year but at the moment no decisions have been made as to what it will be. What would you like to hear?
<El_Hupeke> DrPowder: Any plans for a come-back next year to promote the new album?
<Jeric_Germany> Hey, we're just joking,Pete!!!. Ed and I surely know that you're do IQ in your spare time. And I am really really happy that you carry on besides your job and your lovely family!!!
<DrPowder> The tentative plan is to return to Europe in May.
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Scary!!
<Jeric_Germany> Nice little horror strip, guys!!!!
<El_Hupeke> DrPowder: I was afraid of that....hopefully the last 2 weeks of may? (I'm having holidays in Italy before)
<Adriano_from_Italy> Which year ? .... no, just jocking !
<DrPowder> This web camera is way too distracting.

<Jeff_Coo_England> Dr, obviously the Nostalgia set would be great, although I know it's not a superb recording, but it does mean that you guys get some profit from it and not the bootleggers!
<DrPowder> To be honest, Jeff, there are much better recordings than that knocking about. Most likely we'll pick good bits from different gigs.
<Adriano_from_Italy> I know people that got Nostalgia and then went to look for the official releases, so bootlegs sometimes have their meaning !
<Vambo_UK> A quick question from me.... will 9 in a pond is here be re-released in the future?
<DrPowder> I doubt it. I think the band feel that album has had its day.
<Adriano_from_Italy> For example, I knew IQ through ) in a pond, and from then on I bought all IQ releases
<El_Hupeke> I bought the Subterranea DVD in Zoetermeer last gig and it's great!!!!
<MrPloppy> Hello to Jules in the USA !!!
<Elwin-D> Me too. The Subterranea DVD is awesome!
<Vambo_UK> shame..:( ... looks like ebay for me then
<MrPloppy> I hope the webcam is updating nicely for you all!!!!
<DrPowder> The picture quality for the IQ20 DVD is better than Subterranea, folks.
* Joins: ali
<Jeric_Germany> And the extras on the DVD are superb...they really show your great humour!!!
<El_Hupeke> IQ20 DVD released?
<Elwin-D> Then I have to buy IQ20 DVD!
<Jeric_Germany> The webcam is perfect over here!!!
<El_Hupeke> too!
<DrPowder> If there's one thing that's held this band together over the years, it's our sense of humour.
<Jules_Extremely_Rural_US> Vambo, Nine in a Pond is going cheaply on eBay. :-x
<Frederic_Cermelj_France> Webcam updates ... say every 10 seconds !
<Arthur-Netherlands> I heard Martin is going to Camel tonight. What concerts have you seen lately, Dr. ?
<Elwin-D> Well you have it, Peter. *pats on back*
<DrPowder> Gee, this camera is so flattering!
<Jeric_Germany> Will the IQ20 also be from Aschaffenburg?
<DrPowder> I saw The Musical Box a couple of weeks ago (brilliant!) and Steve Hackett last week. Blimey, 2 prog gigs! My first in ages!
<Vambo_UK> Thanks Jules :) I'll check it out shortly.. nice one
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Arthur, I've seen camel in Tilburg last week. Really, Really superb!!
<Arthur-Netherlands> Me too !
<Jeric_Germany> Is it true that you know the guy from Musical Box personally?
* Joins: mark_england
<DrPowder> The IQ20 gig we filmed was the one at The Astoria in London. Tim Esau joined us onstage for Headlong. A shiver down the spine moment, I don't mind admitting : )
<Adriano_from_Italy> Well, at least he took a photo with him !
<MrPloppy> Thats right Arthur martin has gone to see camel, and mike has gone to see Steve Hacket, so tonight we will mostly be chatting to Peter
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<DrPowder> Yes, Denis and I are good friends. He's a great guy and fantastic singer.
* Joins: mabelwissesmit
<Jeric_Germany> So the Christmas Gig was filmed...there was also a woman on stage, wasn't she?
* Joins: DaviGuidone
<DaviGuidone> Hi I'm Davide Guidone from Italy
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Mr. Ploppy, what about John tonight?
<Arthur-Netherlands> Mabel, be careful. I will inform Peter R. de Vries !
* Quits: ali (Connection reset by peer )
<DrPowder> That was Annie who was Tim's girlfriend back in the early, early days.
<mabelwissesmit> Hee Thur..
<MrPloppy> murpheys anyone?
<DaviGuidone> I'm from and
* Joins: dave_sylvain
* Joins: Ed_Sander
* Elwin-D is now known as Elwin-D-Holland
<Jeric_Germany> YESSSS please!!! Do you have any cider for me????
<DaviGuidone> Ed sander from dprp?
<Arthur-Netherlands> No tea mug this time, Mr Ploppy ?
<dave_sylvain> Oooh, mr short hair. Mungo like
* mabelwissesmit is now known as Mabe_R_de_Vries
<Adriano_from_Italy> Hi, Guidone, I'm Adriano from Rocklab !
* Mabe_R_de_Vries is now known as Mabel_R_de_Vries
<Vambo_UK> Pete.. how do you feel about tribute bands in general?
<MrPloppy> ed - your late - did you fall asleep to S Club 7 again?
<Ed_Sander> Yes, Ed from DPRP. And IAPH. ;-)
<Jeric_Germany> But the acting still works perfectly - even with short hair!
<DaviGuidone> ciao adriano
<Vambo_UK> UK venues are seem to be booking them at the cost of new bands
<Jules_Extremely_Rural_US> ::: waves to Mr. Ploppy :::
<biedjee> ex-dprp :-P
<MrPloppy> ::::waves back:::::
<El_Hupeke> DrPowder: What is the release date of IQ20 DVD?
<Ed_Sander> I'm not late, I had to switch PC's. I was babysitting at my ex's place and she kicked me off her Internet connection when she got home. ;-)
<Elwin-D-Holland> Back timing, Ed? Welcome back!
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> I understand why she is your ex Ed ;-)
<Ed_Sander> Freelance DPRP. ;-)
<Elwin-D-Holland> lol Denise...yeah.
* mark_england thinks: little blue souvenir ?? wot's that then ??
<DrPowder> It's a shame that tribute bands do better business than 'real' bands but you can't argue with the fact that people want to see them. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed The Musical Box and it was great to hear that music played live so perfectly. And the new 'Phil Collins' was remarkable!! Did anyone else see them?
<DaviGuidone> Pete nicholls, martin orford told me you'll publish the new IQ cd in may 2oo4, Is that true?
<Elwin-D-Holland> I thought it was 2004 too....
* Joins: mr_balthus
<Ed_Sander> Musical Box ...BJ, was that the tribute band that is playing a Dutch gig for 40 euro's (!!!!) ?
<biedjee> re: Musical Box: is it really worth the admission? I don't really fancy paying 40 euros for a tribute band
<Arthur-Netherlands> I'm going to The Musical Box Nov 6
<DrPowder> Well, that's the plan but don't shoot us if we miss the deadline : )
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Arthur, how did you like Camel?
<DaviGuidone> ahahahh
<Jeric_Germany> Musical Box - seen Selling England AND Foxtrot - both great shows and perfectly made. But in a way it's odd that they earn more than some original bands.
<El_Hupeke> DrPowder: We will :-)
<Frederic_Cermelj_France> Musical Box : last sunday they played in Paris - France
<biedjee> that' more than the tickets for the ex Genesis singer and guitar player were combined!
<Elwin-D-Holland> Like shooting angels? no thanks. :)
* peter_cheshire my screen went blank then
<Arthur-Netherlands> Enjoyed almost all of the setlist
<DaviGuidone> I'm bored of Genesis tribute band
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Except for...?
<Frederic_Cermelj_France> Well this one is A MUST !
<MrPloppy> The musical box is expensive, but I think I speak for Pete as well as myself when I say it is a fantastic show, which is hugely expensive to bring to europe. They aren't really a tribute, more of a recreation. Well worth the cash!!!
<Ed_Sander> Strange that you have to go all the way to Japan for an IQ tribute band. ;-) Well .... maybe in 20 years or so they'll be all around.
<DrPowder> I'm impressed. No one has asked me why I left IQ in 1985 : -)
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> mabel, the camel gig in Tilburg was fantastic.
<Adriano_from_Italy> Yes, Musical Box can be really good, but it's a shame they gather 3.000 at a gig at 40 euros each, when IQ in Italy gather 400 at 15 euros. I'm not blaming Musical Box, I just can't believe people !
<Jeric_Germany> Peter Gabriel certainly had more charisma though. But the musical ability of Musical Box is gorgeous!
<Elwin-D-Holland> I loved the setlist on 13 September. I just wish you'd play Further Away a little more, as well as Promises or Wurensh. No pressure...just a suggestion. :)
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Denise from Belgium???
<Arthur-Netherlands> Camel - we'll discuss this further in a quiet moment ... like last week ;-)
<Ed_Sander> Why did you leave IQ in 85 ?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> hehehe...
* Joins: DD

<MrPloppy> Pete is on the phone!!! Waving to Dene Wilby
<MrPloppy> the cheeky minx!
<DaviGuidone> Ed sander you'regreat!
* peter_cheshire for more money
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Ed, some fans foryou here
<Adriano_from_Italy> Dene, the fresh dad! Hello Dene !
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Yes, mabel. or Holland if you like.
<Vambo_UK> Turn the heating up Mr Ploopy.. Pete looks cold there with his fleece all zipped up ;)
<Ed_Sander> Play further away ? I wish you played closer to home ! ;-)
<MrPloppy> Its very hot .... look

<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Ah... Eindhoven wasn't it?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> ;-)
<DD> Hi everyone
<Elwin-D-Holland> Haha! Further Away from others, I meant. lol
<Vambo_UK> ha ha
<Adriano_from_Italy> Closer to home ? I wish you'd play FURTHER AWAY !
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> No, Mabel. But not very far from there.
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Wijntersel?
<Elwin-D-Holland> DD? As in....ddtelematica?
<MrPloppy> Pete need to play catch up......that cheeky dene!
<DD> sort of .... yep
<Elwin-D-Holland> hahah
<Elwin-D-Holland> I don't think so...
<DrPowder> Problem with Further Away is it's bloody hard to play and we never have enough time to rehearse it properly.
<Elwin-D-Holland> It's a long track too
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Is that your "hometown" mabel?
<Adriano_from_Italy> What about the Tales re-recording, Mr Powder?
<DD> enjoying yourself?
<El_Hupeke> DrPowder: Is the Seventh House on the IQ20 DVD? I realy love the Seventh House album !
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> No, please Denise ;-))
<Jeric_Germany> Well, you've got time till May to rehearse Further away
<Elwin-D-Holland> I am, DD. But I ain't too sure if you're really who I think you are. Prove it.
<Ed_Sander> Mabel .... she's here too ? (inside joke for the Dutchies)
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> jaja, r. de vries
<DD> adopted by peter?
* mark_england the wake track...what is a little blue souvenir ??
<El_Hupeke> Peter R?

<Mabel_R_de_Vries> nope, Mabel :-)
<MrPloppy> Pete is busy messing......
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> decided to take Peter
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> R. de Vries that is
<DrPowder> Absolutely no idea what the little blue souvenir is. Sometimes words just sound good or they fill a space just right.
* peter_cheshire why did you leave iq doc in 1985//we need to know!
* Frederic_Cermelj_France is now known as Frederic_France
<Ed_Sander> Or black confetti ?
<DD> I gues there are a ot of Dutchies here
<DD> lot
<MrPloppy> Seventh House will be on the IQ20 DVD El_Hupeke
<El_Hupeke> Yep:-)
<dave_sylvain> Peter, is it that? Or not?
* Quits: biedjee (Client exited )
<El_Hupeke> Great! I'll order it right now!
<DrPowder> Black confetti confetti, actually.
<Ed_Sander> Did you ever read Calling of the Black by Brian Lumley ?
<DrPowder> Dave Sylvian, I don't know what you are!
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Brian or Joanna?
<Elwin-D-Holland> I'm surely a Kaaskop. hehe
<Ed_Sander> Brian.
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Ok. ;-)
<DD> Cheesehead?
<dave_sylvain> Royal albert hall?
<DrPowder> No, Ed, never heard of it.
<Jeric_Germany> Hey, Cheesehead, Elwin
<Elwin-D-Holland> hahahaha
<Ed_Sander> Thaought that story might have inspired the black confetti lyric ....
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> You know... cheesehead is Yankees!!
<DD> Jan Kees?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Yep!
<Elwin-D-Holland> The only cheesehead here is Mabel!
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Nope.... Jan Kaas sorry
<Jeric_Germany> So what scares you, Pete, that you write about?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Jan-Kaas is Yankees!
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Really!
<MrPloppy> come on folks, try to keep questions directed at Pete, the screen is getting filled with text for everyone else!!!!
<MrPloppy> thanks!

<DaviGuidone> who knows many people did attend the subby dvd show?
<DD> i agree
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Ok then. Why did you leave IQ in 1985?
<Elwin-D-Holland> I...I think....that many of IQ's tracks are based upon lost loves....or pain of the heart.
<Ed_Sander> I was there .... so that's one ...... anybody else ?
<Jeric_Germany> I was there, too, so two
<DrPowder> What scares me? Same as everyone else, I should think...
<DD> I was in Zoetermeer on september 13th
<DD> great gig
<Elwin-D-Holland> I was too
<DrPowder> I didn't leave IQ in 1985. They left me.
<Jeric_Germany> That's no answer...
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> I was not in New York on September 11th
<Ed_Sander> Considering it was at the 013. It must have been around 1000 people I guess.
<DaviGuidone> sadly I had never see any IQ show...
<mark_england> were there many niadem's ghost shows ? iq should do child bride
<Elwin-D-Holland> Well, I'm glad you're in IQ again, Peter.
<MrPloppy> Mabel, please control yourself
* peter_cheshire is it true you auditioned for marillion in 1989?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Well it's true, I wasn't there
<DD> i fully agree Elwin
<Ed_Sander> Pete, what insipred you to do the corporate suit thing during the gigs in end 2002 ?
<Adriano_from_Italy> Good one, Ed !
<DrPowder> Niadem's Ghost was quite short-lived. About 20 gigs, I think. No I didn't audition for Marillion...why on earth would I want to do that??
* Joins: biedjee
* peter_cheshire for the money!
<Elwin-D-Holland> Money isn't everything!
<Elwin-D-Holland> You should enjoy performing too.
<DrPowder> Ed, the suit thing came from thinking: What's the most unexpected thing I can wear for a gig? Apart from a gorilla outfit, of course...
<Ed_Sander> It certainly was unexpected !
<Adriano_from_Italy> A chimp outfit, maybe ?
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> peter, are you still working on childrens books?
<Jeric_Germany> So will you do any Christmas-giggy-things at Progeny?
<DD> I am absolutely sure IQ enjoys performing...
<Ed_Sander> Other question: when does the band plan to have more projectors attending the gigs than people ? ;-)
<Elwin-D-Holland> Me too, DD.
<Arthur-Netherlands> Yes, a pink bunny suit would be too predictable ...
<Jeric_Germany> Wow, the projections are surely blast...sometimes a bit distracting though
<Jeric_Germany> Well, they already had a pink bunny suit
<DrPowder> I now work in children's toys. Well, not actually IN children's toys because they're very small, of course.
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> A remember a bunny suit in Tilburg while recording subterranea
<Elwin-D-Holland> Projections should be intertwined with the gig. Neither should overrule the other.
<Ed_Sander> They were splendid. Great job by Deno and Andy Mac!
<Jeric_Germany> And Mike of course!
<Adriano_from_Italy> What kind of toys ?
<Adriano_from_Italy> PUppets ?
* Joins: Michele_Thiella_Italy
<DrPowder> Rubber toys.
<Arthur-Netherlands> Yes Denise, hence my remark ...
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Will there be other iq members here tonight? (not martin since he's at the camel concert)
<Adriano_from_Italy> CIao, Michele, quanto tempo !
<Jeric_Germany> So you're not in the drawing business anymore - what a shame!
<Ed_Sander> Rubber childrens toys ?! Kinky !
<DrPowder> Sadly, I think you're stuck with just me, folks.
* Quits: mark_england (Connection reset by peer )
<DrPowder> No, not rubber childrem]
<Adriano_from_Italy> That's more than enough for us, Doctor !
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> Ciao Adriano and Hi everybody
<DrPowder> Childrem??
<MrPloppy> JJ is a MAC user and was struggling to get connected, but he may pop by if he can sort it out.
* peter_cheshire is the song "the wrong side of weird" about ghosts?
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> You don' t work as an editor anymore, Peter?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Ah, now I remember Denis... Veldhoven?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Sorry Denise
<DrPowder> Yes it's about ghosts. Or eggs.
<Jeric_Germany> You said you'll have to soundcheck at 8.30 at progeny - in the middle of other bands gigs?
<Ed_Sander> Did you have anybody specific in mind when writing Guiding Light ?
<Elwin-D-Holland> Hey, I gotta go! Bye everyone! Peter Nicholls, keep on going with this great band, and keep on writing those beautiful and emotional lyrics! Goodbye, this was really special! ^^
<El_Hupeke> By Elwin-D-Holland !
<DrPowder> Soundchecking at 8.30 in the morning when you're all still fast asleep
<Jeric_Germany> Bye, Elwin
<El_Hupeke> By=Bye
* Joins: mark_england
<Jeric_Germany> No, I'll be on my plane
* Parts: Elwin-D-Holland
<DrPowder> Bye Elwin! Thanx for dropping by.
<MrPloppy> mooooooo! watch out for that cow
<Jeric_Germany> Will you get thrown out at 11.00 as usual, so that when bands before you mess it up, you'll only have 15 minuy?es to plas
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> leuke vraag ed
<Adriano_from_Italy> Dr Powder, did you start recording vocal on the re-recording of Tales ?
<DrPowder> Look at me, the master of disguise.
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> From what do you remember me mabel?
<Vambo_UK> Pete... what artists do you listen to or admire?
<mark_england> are you playing up north..bury / rotherham soon ?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> IQ concert ;-)
<DrPowder> Oh yes, the new version of Tales, I forgot about that! No I've not started on the vocals yet though Martin has pretty much finished the keys.
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> and where does mabel live?
<Adriano_from_Italy> OK, that means 2005 release, at least !
<DaviGuidone> will it publish by gep as usual?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Brabant as well...
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> be more specific mabel ;-)
<Jeric_Germany> As GEP is martin orfords label, I suspect so
<DD> Peter what other artists do you listen to?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Later Denise, later...
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Ok Uje ;-)))
<MrPloppy> mabel, please be sensible or you may be removed to a very dark have been warned
<DrPowder> Northern gig...hopefully around next May. I think we've been asked to do Rotherham. Who do I listen to? At the moment, Television and The Monkees. GEP Martin Orford's label? Hmmm...
<Jeric_Germany> Are you sure that you get to play 2 hours set at progeny?
<Adriano_from_Italy> I used to love the Monkees ! David Jones !
<Jeric_Germany> Or will it be shortened if the other bands mess it up?
<DaviGuidone> what will you play?
<DrPowder> We've been told 8.00 - 10.00. Hopefully carl palmer won't overrun.
<Frederic_France> Dr Powder, what about Frank & Edna ?
<DD> You can't be that old! Lovinf the Monkees....
<Jeric_Germany> I like Carl Palmer, but I hope you'll get enough time!
<DrPowder> I can't tell you what we'll play at Progeny...that would spoil it, n'est-ce pas?
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Peter, will IQ next year also come to Tilburg?
* peter_cheshire how well do you know FISH?
<Vambo_UK> Progeny will be my first IQ gig!
<Ed_Sander> Yes .... bring back the old couple. Their bit in the Archive Collection was obviously fake !
<DaviGuidone> Pete I WANT iq in Italy!!
<mark_england> pete , dontcha think television's adventure is up there with marquee moon? iq should do days
<Jeric_Germany> Frank & Edna are really lovely!
<DrPowder> I've never met Fish but I'm sure he's a big IQ fan.
<Ed_Sander> Frank and Edna should have a regular column in IAPH, don't you think ?
* Joins: GreekHarry
<Jeric_Germany> Yes, definitely!
<Adriano_from_Italy> Yes, with regular paints from Dr Powder, Ed !
* Quits: GreekHarry (Client exited )
* Joins: Harry_USA
<Ed_Sander> Definitely !
<Jeric_Germany> Well, said that GEP was Widges label to simplify it
<DrPowder> Marquee Moon has the edge, of course, but Adventure has Days, as you say, which is splendid. I saw them in 1977 with Blondie supporting. What a gig that was.
<Adriano_from_Italy> Oh, hello GreekHarry, oh, Bye GreekHarry !
<MrPloppy> welcome to Harry in the USA, you are very welcome......
<Ed_Sander> I'm sure the Dr. could spare some time ? ;-)
<Harry_USA> Hi, GreekHarry is back as Harry_USA
<Harry_USA> I should read all of the notes!
<MrPloppy> they were a bit boring
<MrPloppy> sorry
<Jeric_Germany> Are these Ruby's masks???
<DrPowder> What masks?
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> nice cow! moooh
<mark_england> sophie ( 9 years old ) wants to know why you're called iq
<Jeric_Germany> Oooh, forgot how you really look like!!!
<Frederic_France> booohh ! I must go... See you all next time !
<El_Hupeke> DrPowder: What style is the new IQ album? Like the Seventh House or different?
<DrPowder> Salut Frederic! Avec attention.
<MrPloppy> mr ploppy is showing you the chatmasters position (!)
<Jeric_Germany> Nice flat, Andy
<Frederic_France> "Avec attention" ??? You mean "take care" ?
* Joins: nobby
<Ed_Sander> I think I've seen that flat before on some DVD. ;-)
<DrPowder> Oui.
<Arthur-Netherlands> Yeah Andy, light the chimney
<Frederic_France> hihi !!! Improve your french !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Frederic_France> But that's not too bad anyway :-)
<Jeric_Germany> Pete's French is great - I was really amazed to hear him do a whole gig in French once
<Frederic_France> Take care : "soit prudent"
<DrPowder> Apart from the lyrics...
<Jeric_Germany> The pink sofa is certainly your wife's one?
<MrPloppy> quick shot of Mrs ploppys paintings...available very cheaply

<Frederic_France> You're right he speaks very well for a english man !
<DrPowder> OK, soit prudent. Pardon.
<DrPowder> Any questions?
<Frederic_France> Hope to see you in Paris next time :-)
<Vambo_UK> How do you write the lyrics Pete... do you write them alongside th emusic or do you 'fit' them to the music?
<Jeric_Germany> Yeah, actually you could do a french album like Peter Gabriel did a German album
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Yes peter, is Tilburg scheduled for next year?
<DaviGuidone> it's a sort of french exam?
<mark_england> diamond dogs or man who sold the world ?
<DrPowder> Music comes first for the most part.
<MrPloppy> yes we have only 30minutes or so left, what about some probing questions
* Joins: Michele
<DrPowder> Diamond Dogs, his best ever.
<Frederic_France> Just let you know before I leave : I am currently working on a new IQ dedicated web site
<Frederic_France> It will be called : THE IQ MUSEUM
<Arthur-Netherlands> Should JJ join tonight, would it be painful to ask about his quiting the Jonh Young band ? I am serious.
<DrPowder> Merci, Frederic. Keepez in touch.
<Jeric_Germany> What did you do for the IQ book - any paintings, texts etc.??
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> HAHA, it has all IQ musicians in it
<Frederic_France> Cause I own a lot of IQ stuff (I guess...)
* Quits: nobby (Client exited )
<Frederic_France> bye then ...
<Ed_Sander> An official statement about John quitting the John Young band will be in the next IAPH.
* Quits: Michele ( HydraIRC -> <- Nine out of ten l33t h4x0rz prefer it )
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> John Wetton?
* Joins: nobby_germany
<Ed_Sander> Nothing really dramatic ....
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> mabel = milly?
<nobby_germany> Test for Echo! ;-)
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Who?
<DrPowder> I've been proofreading Mark's IQ biography and adding my recollections as I go.
* peter_cheshire do you think the song HUMAN NATURE will get an airing again?
<MrPloppy> Mrploppy leaves to make some early grey for DrPowder
<Harry_USA> If you had to pick an album and give it the "seminal" tag, which would it be?
<DrPowder> An IQ album or any album, Harry? Hi, by the way.
* Quits: biedjee (Client exited )
<DaviGuidone> Pete, in your opinion, why are the genesis influences so evident in the soloists' parts of the newer iq album and not in the sung parts?
<Harry_USA> Hi! An IQ album first, but any album would be quite an interesting question as well.
<Ed_Sander> He said the G word !
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Genesis you mean?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> or Gabriel?
<Ed_Sander> Another G word !
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Eh...?
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Peter, will ther be a gig in Tilburg next year??
<mark_england> which song gives you most satisfaction when played live ?
* Quits: Frederic_France (Ping timeout )
<DrPowder> I don't think influences are a bad thing especially if they provide the impetus for you to create something yourself. I think I sing like me now, I've found my own voice and am comfortable with that. My favourite IQ is Subterranea and favourite Genesis album is The Lamb. Seminal album? Sgt Pepper, surely.
<Harry_USA> Thanks!
<nobby_germany> hello it possible to live from your music...or have you another jobs like in the studio-area or something like that...?
<DrPowder> Tilburg next year...not sure yet, I don't book the gigs. I love performing The Seventh House long as I can remember all the lyrics.
* Quits: mr_balthus (Client exited )
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> Hi Peter, any plan to play in Italy again in next (close) future?
<Ed_Sander> Can I have a cup as well Andy ?
<El_Hupeke> DrPowder: The Seventh House is great:-)!!!
<Jeric_Germany> Well, if you forget the words just make something up - it worked in the past without anyone noticing
<mark_england> any plans to release living proof on dvd...full show...
<Jeric_Germany> *lol*
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> You can have one at my place Ed.
<MrPloppy> Mrploppy returns with a nice hot cup of tea....and some Murpheys (as you can imagine)


<MrPloppy> Yes Ed-it's in the post!
<Ed_Sander> Thanks !
<Jeric_Germany> Murphys and BlackCurrant would be lovely
<Ed_Sander> Mabel, I'll grab a cup at your place when I drop off the veggie burgers ! ;-)
<Jeric_Germany> Will there be a get together after the Progeny gig?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Frozen I hope (the burgers not you of course)
<El_Hupeke> DrPowder: The new release date of the new album will be probably may 2004? How about the release date of the IQ20 DVD?
<Ed_Sander> Deeply frozen.
<Harry_USA> What is your favorite football team?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Football or soccer?
<Harry_USA> soccer
<Jeric_Germany> sounds like an affair starts between Ed and Mabel...oooh, hot!
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> no Jeric, don't worry
<DrPowder> Yes but everyone knows all the words better than I do now. Seriously, I think The Seventh House shows everyone in IQ at their very best. I can't see Living Proof being released on DVD because we don't own the rights but we'll probably do Forever Live. Sorry, Harry, I'm not a football kind of guy. I was always the kid at school who never got picked for the teams.
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> it's just tea and burgers
<Ed_Sander> Talking about the IQ20 DVD, will the videos from the Menel era be on it as bonus material ?
* Quits: mark_england (Connection reset by peer )
<DrPowder> If we can track down the masters it's possible.
* Joins: mark_england
<Jeric_Germany> And some special guests?? Esau was really a kick...
<Vambo_UK> That is an awesome performance of The Enemy Smacks on Forever Live, Pete... one for you to be proud of!
<MrPloppy> Jules, do you want to ask something?????????
<Ed_Sander> Or some snippets of the Ledge Benefit home movie ?
<El_Hupeke> DrPowder: The new release date of the new album will be probably may 2004? How about the release date of the IQ20 DVD?
<mark_england> living proof..presenter said your voice crossed ziggy with jon anderson...agree?
<DrPowder> Thanks very much, Vambo. I do lose myself in that track...if that doesn't sound too pretentious.
<Jules_Extremely_Rural_US> MrPloppy, the pleasure of reading is enough.
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> Hi Peter, any plan to play in Italy again?
<DrPowder> Ziggy probably yes but...shock horror admission...I've never been a fan of Yes.
<MrPloppy> I meant a question for's a rare opportunity!
<Jeric_Germany> Enemy smacks surely sends shivers down my spine as well...thanks Pete
<Vambo_UK> ou lose me as well Pete.. nmesmerising stuff
<DaviGuidone> we want iq to play in Italy!!!!
<DrPowder> Sorry, Michele. Next year hopefully.
<El_Hupeke> DrPowder: The new release date of the new album will be probably may 2004? How about the release date of the IQ20 DVD?
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> Remember, I'll promised you a visit to Venice... ;-)
<Harry_USA> Do you feel like you're developing a growing fan base here in the States?
<El_Hupeke> Ha...I'm in Venice in may 2004, so I can join the concert too :-)
* Quits: Jeff_Coo_England (Client exited )
* peter_cheshire like rockers IT BITES?
<DrPowder> As I said earlier, next year should see the release of the new album, Archive Collection 2, IQ20 DVD and The Book. Start saving up! (I get mine free, of course.)
<Jeric_Germany> Do you know any of the It bites people personally - they come from up north as well...
<Ed_Sander> I might have missed this bit ...... what's going to be on AC 2 ?
<mark_england> can you remember playing the cosmo in leeds ...the stage with a hole in it ?1984ish
<El_Hupeke> I think 2004 will be a great IQ year :-)
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Do It Bites still exist?
<DrPowder> Hard to say, Harry. We hardly ever play there so we probably don't do ourselves any favours. There are definitely pockets of devoted fans over there...which is fantastic :-)
<Arthur-Netherlands> Ed, Pete asked for suggestions for A.C. 2
<Jeric_Germany> It Bites are talking about reforming
<Ed_Sander> Suggestions for AC2.
* peter_cheshire just re-formed!
<Ed_Sander> No problem.
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> ah ok
<DrPowder> Yes I do remember the hole in the stage!!! I think I have it on tape somewhere. Were you there, Mark?
<Ed_Sander> How about one of the 95 gigs where you played early versions of Subby stuff, as well as a track that was never officially released.
<nobby_germany> what do you think about about the canadians "rush"? this will be my favourite livepackage for 2004... :-)
<DrPowder> Don't know any It Biters.
* Quits: dave_sylvain (Client exited )
<Ed_Sander> Or a collection of live rarities taken from different gigs ?
* Joins: Dene_Leeds
<DaviGuidone> Pete what do you think of the present prog scene?
<Arthur-Netherlands> Or the gig where Martin did all the singing ;-)
<Adriano_from_Italy> Ed, great idea !
<DrPowder> Eh up Dene!
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> that's good Ed!
<Jeric_Germany> AC2: the earliest gig you have material of
<Dene_Leeds> ow do cockers
<mark_england> re some pics of it somewhere in my lush attic...
<DrPowder> Yes I think the likelihood is we'll select rare tracks from different gigs. There will always be the problem of earlier recordings not being great quality.
<Ed_Sander> There's loads of great alternative live versions of tracks ...... not to mention covers.
<Jeric_Germany> Dene, congratulations daddy! All the best!
<Ed_Sander> Wiggle !!!!
<Jeric_Germany> Stomach of animal
<DrPowder> The earliest gig I have is The Moonlight in June first IQ gig...and no-one's hearing that because I was crap.
<MrPloppy> Ed - I think you mean "WIGGLE !!!!!"
<Dene_Leeds> thanks Jeric. typing with one finger in other arm
<Ed_Sander> Oops .... yep, that's the one.
<Jeric_Germany> And ABBA covers!!!
<El_Hupeke> Dene_Leeds: Soon you need both arms :-/
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> dene, my two babies are sleeping now, fiewww
<Ed_Sander> Jet, Crazy Horses .....
<Dene_Leeds> :-)
* El_Hupeke son puked in his bedroom :-( What a mess.....
<mark_england> how comfy are you singing paul's you know him ?
<DrPowder> Yeah yeah enough with the babies already. What is this...a creche???
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Marvellous idea!
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> I win!! three babies in bed ;-)
<MrPloppy> yeah Dene, we've all got babies you know. ZZzzzzzzzz.....
<Jeric_Germany> Pete, not even a private version for me from the Moonlight 82???? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease???
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Three babies in a cage here
<Dene_Leeds> so what have i missed? can someone go through all the questions again
<Ed_Sander> LOL.
<DD> yeah sure
<MrPloppy> Someone asked why Pete left IQ and I think it was becuase he wanted to join Marrillliooonnn
<Dene_Leeds> yeah but mines a little bitty one
<MrPloppy> I think
* peter_cheshire human nature is a great track"
<DD> just kidding I hope?
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> as long as they are in bed it's no problem Michelle ;-)
<Dene_Leeds> Marillion? what's a marillion?
<DrPowder> Met Paul briefly a couple of times soon after he joined but it was a bit frosty. I don't mind doing songs from that era of the band so long as I can sing them OK. They're only songs, after all.
<DrPowder> 10 minutes to go, folks.
* peter_cheshire that was me ploopy
<Adriano_from_Italy> Dr Powder, why did you leave Niadem's Ghost to join IQ?
<MrPloppy> Pete may be happy to pull funny faces on request!

<Dene_Leeds> do a craig david, you crank

<Ed_Sander> Do a spongebob !
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> Anyway I think that your rendition of Human Nature is far the best!
<Dene_Leeds> LOL
<mark_england> how about your support band 5ex5 at the fforde grene in leeds in all watched them from the floor...
<Dene_Leeds> hee hee
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Or a Ren Hoek
<DaviGuidone> Pete can you paint a protrait for me????
<Ed_Sander> Stimpy !
<DaviGuidone> portrait
<DrPowder> You crank, making me look stoopid.
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> YOu eeeeeediot

<Dene_Leeds> :-)
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Meeeeeeemorieeeeesss
<Dene_Leeds> REN1!!!
<DrPowder> Final questions?
<Ed_Sander> Uhhhhmmmmm ..... why did you leave IQ in 85 ?
* peter_cheshire can we this again?
<Dene_Leeds> is forever live coming to DVD?
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> HAHAHAHA!!!
<Vambo_UK> How long do you hope to continue with IQ.. how long can the band realisticLLY GO ON FOR?
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> Peter, I mailed some photos to John for you all. Did he mail them further?
<Jeric_Germany> Will it be a longer tour next year or 3 gigs in Continental Europe?
<DD> Ok Peter it was nice to visit this chat and I am looking forward to the news tuff in 2004
<nobby_germany> more than 1 gig in germany 2004??
<DaviGuidone> what do you suggest to me to buy from IQ stuff?
<Ed_Sander> Everything ?
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> everything
<DD> everything of course
<Ed_Sander> Twice.
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> New underwear?
<Ed_Sander> LOL !
<El_Hupeke> I saw nice IQ boots on the gig !
<Adriano_from_Italy> Just name an album !
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> subterranea
<Ed_Sander> Those jolly framed IQ portraits ? (frame and picture not included)
<Jeric_Germany> And the wooden picture frames *loL
<DrPowder> Obviously after 22 years it can't go on forever but the honest answer is as long as we can keep doing good new material and shows and people are still interested in sticking with us and we don't kill each other then I see no reason why we don't have a good few years ahead of us yet.
<DD> Ever, Subterranea and The Seventh House are my favourites
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> forever live
<Vambo_UK> That's good news :)
<El_Hupeke> My wife wants one of these IQ brah's..
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> the seventh house
<Jeric_Germany> The bra was especially manufactured
<Adriano_from_Italy> A few years only ? :-))))
<DaviGuidone> I want pete to paint a portrait of mine!!!!!
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> And it says: it all stops here
<mark_england> just wanna thank you for all this beautiful stuff we've all cherished these last 20 years's to the next 20
<Dene_Leeds> of your what????
<Ed_Sander> Subbterranea + Forever Live as starters !
<Vambo_UK> A final question........ would you ever consider being in a tribute band and if so.. a tribute to whom? ;)
<DD> and I really enjoyed Subterranea the Concert on DVD
<nobby_germany> i say goodnight...
<MrPloppy> night night nobby
<Jeric_Germany> Gute nacht
<nobby_germany> and thanks for the means a lot...! :-)
<DD> welterusten
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Bon nuit
<DD> I listen to IQ music every day
<Adriano_from_Italy> Buonanotte
<Ed_Sander> Thanks Pete & Andy. It's been fun. Was it good for you too ?
<Dene_Leeds> cheese & oooooonion
* Quits: nobby_germany (Client exited )
<El_Hupeke> The Seventh House is stuck into my car radio :-)
<Adriano_from_Italy> Salt & vinegar
<Jeric_Germany> That's a NM citation, Ed!
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> goodnight to everybody
* peter_cheshire yeah good fun dudes...
<DrPowder> The tour next year will be about 7 gigs. Thanks very much, Mark. Without wanting to sound schmaltzy, we're all very appreciative of the fact that you're still with us. This is a special thing all round. I'd be the rhythm guitarist in a Monkees tribute band.
<MrPloppy> Its been a blast....oooo I think we have something for Pete....
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> goodnight to Peter too
<Ed_Sander> LOL
<Dene_Leeds> LOL
<Vambo_UK> Cheers Pete.. see ya at Progeny
<Vambo_UK> bye everyone
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> nice flowers!!!
<DaviGuidone> bye
<MrPloppy> and thank you to spiderman as well
<DD> bye everyone
<Jeric_Germany> What a lovely couple you are!!!!
<Vambo_UK> Andy...?
<Ed_Sander> And cat Bulbie !
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Ok, you can give back the flowers now
<DrPowder> Thanks very much, everyone. See you at Progeny.
<Vambo_UK> Can I have the cardboard cutout of Pete?

<MrPloppy> the transcript of the chat and the images will be posted on the IQ website in due course
* peter_cheshire god bless you all.....
<El_Hupeke> MrPloppy & DrPowder: Thanks for the chat!
<Dene_Leeds> oh, is that it? harumph
<DaviGuidone> pete have you an email address?
<MrPloppy> vambo-send an email to dene at the iq website with your address and this info and you can have it!!!!!! NO CHARGE!

<DaviGuidone> where we can keep in touch with you?
<Jeric_Germany> Thank you Pete & Andy. See you in London. And please give my lurv to the others (including mad Mark and rod Rob), Heike
<MrPloppy> do you want pete to sign it?
<Vambo_UK> Cheers mate... ask you know to sign it if you can... NICE ONE mate
<MrPloppy> no probs
<Vambo_UK> Magic
<Vambo_UK> bye guys
<Arthur-Netherlands> Thanks Pete for your reactions.
<DrPowder> Signing it now, Vambo.
<Vambo_UK> you can keep the spoon though ;)
<MrPloppy> vambo - you can't have the spoon - WE USE IT EVERY DAY
<Adriano_from_Italy> When Supper's ready ?
<Ed_Sander> They only have one !
<Jeric_Germany> I like the spoon...with the meal!!!
<DrPowder> Best IQ track ever?
<Vambo_UK> You are a star Pete
<Vambo_UK> I'm well chuffed
<DaviGuidone> narrow margin
<Dene_Leeds> Sold On You
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> The Narrow Margin
<DD> seventh house and wrong side of weoird
<Adriano_from_Italy> Headlong and Further away
<Vambo_UK> The Seventh House
<DD> yes
<DrPowder> I'll see John's, thanks, Denise.
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Ed!!!!!
<Arthur-Netherlands> Seventh House + Leap Of Faith
* peter_cheshire human nature.
<DD> well if you can call a 50-year old a boy ....
* Quits: mark_england (Ping timeout )
<DrPowder> OK, I'm going to bed. And a special hi to Richard in Canada who couldn't be with us ce soir.
Au revoir, tout le monde!

<Jeric_Germany> they sure are still boys even if they're older than twenty...look at the IQ boys!!!
<DaviGuidone> bye peter
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> bye
<Adriano_from_Italy> Arrivederci !
<Vambo_UK> bye Pete
<El_Hupeke> Best track: The Seventh House (whole album!!!)
<Jeric_Germany> Take care, Peter
<DD> Welterusten Peter
<Denise_Koolen_Belgium> bye peter. sleep well
* peter_cheshire byeeeee
<Harry_USA> thanks for your time!
<El_Hupeke> Bye Peter, Thanks!!!!
<Arthur-Netherlands> Good night
<Michele_Thiella_Italy> thanks for the chat
* Joins: Tom_W
<Dene_Leeds> bye. Andy, can we get the transcript for tomorrow?
<DaviGuidone> the chat was really cool
<DD> we must do this agaim sometimes!
<MrPloppy> ok pete has left the building

* Joins: mark_england
<Ed_Sander> Bye everybody !
<DrPowder> Royal Albert Hall?
<DaviGuidone> bye ed
* Quits: peter_cheshire (Client exited )
<Mabel_R_de_Vries> Tot mails!
<Jules_Extremely_Rural_US> LOL! That PM meant for the screen ...bye, Peter (and everyone)
<Harry_USA> ed, thanks for all the work on the email list!
<MrPloppy> thanks folks maybe we can do it again sometime soon (well nearly left!!!)
<Jeric_Germany> By Ed and everybody else...CU at progeny!!!
<Dene_Leeds> Craaaaaig Davis
* Parts: Jules_Extremely_Rural_US
<DaviGuidone> bye folks
<Adriano_from_Italy> Bye everybody !
<MrPloppy> bye all.......see you next time