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IQ, they absolutely hit the nail on the head with this album. The opening track gives way to what the rest of the album will sound like, or so you would believe. The opening to 'Without Walls' is a strong comparison to Genesis's 'Fading Lights', then it bombards you with huge guitars and soundscapes provided by keyboardist Neil Durant. The next song 'Ocean' is as unique as it gets with IQ, it's hard to find a comparison with this song because of it's originality. The beautiful opening keys, combined with Peter Nichols perfectly fitting voice makes this song stick out like a sore thumb. The song then uses church organs, synths and acoustic guitar, making this song that is both not IQ and the most IQ song to date. 'Until the End' provides a great end to the album (that is of course if you have the Special Edition), using strings and other great sounds provided again by Neil Durant, the song also ends on a soft, emotional note leaving you absolutely breathless (no pun intended) when the album ends, the single on the album that was released before the albums official release, provided also a good idea of what the rest of the album would sound like, but deceptively only shows the one side. A dark, yet fresh take on the Progressive Rock of the now, comparable to bands like Porcupine Tree, Spocks Beard, etc. Now to the optional second disc. 'Knucklehead' leaves us with the same feel as Without Walls and The title track but leaves it original at the same time. '1312 Overture' is an instrumental, experimental piece by the band and it works with the next few songs really well. 'Constellations' is a very IQ song, fitting with the likes of the first 3 tracks on the first disc and also complimenting the last 2 songs on the album on it's own. It's a bit of a longer one but it shares the same format as the rest of the album so I can't complain, it does its job as fits with the album well. 'Fall and Rise' is comparable to older IQ, nothing much to say there. 'Ten Million Demons' and 'Hardcore' end the second disc and leave us with a lasting breath...

Then you can go ahead and listen to the album again to see just how much of a Modern Prog masterpiece this album is, this album does take time to grow on you, but it is worth every second.



Disc 1:

From The Outside In
The Road Of Bones
Without Walls
Until The End

Disc 2:

1312 Overture
Fall and Rise
Ten Million Demons


The Road Of Bones


Dark Matter

The Seventh House

Seven Stories Into '98



Are You Sitting Comfortably?


The Wake

Tales From The Lush Attic