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Published between Subterranea and The Seventh House albums, this CD should not be considered just a commercial publication used by bands to fill a period of no operations, and make money on some low quality songs previously never released. This album can be considered an unexpected source of good music for IQ fans, including Radio Session songs, which can be even better quality than original official recordings. How to forget The Universal Scam, and Eye for the Blind, two songs written for the Subterranea album and for some unknown reason, left out last minute from the famous concept album? You will be taken by emoitions, listening to "Apathetic and Here,i" dedicated to Geoff Mann, and Hollow Afternoon. At the end, this is a remarkable album which is an important step in the official discography of IQ, and cannot be missed for any reason in the world... Highly Recommended!


The Lost Attic

The Universal Scam
The Last Human Gateway (middle section)
Hollow Afternoon (1999 recording)
Apathetic And Here, I...
N.T.O.C. (resistance)
Eyes Of The Blind
Barbell Is In (12" lizard mix)
The Bold Grenadier
My Legs
Hollow Afternoon
Awake And Nervous (radio session)
Just Changing Hands (radio session)
Widow's Peak (radio session)

The Lost Attic

J'ai Pollette D'arnu