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"After The Storm" Katrina benefit album available

15 January 2006

Pre-ordering is now available for the "After the Storm"

The price for this special 2CD compilation is $20.00 plus shipping and handling. The album is set for release on Tuesday, January 17th. Pre-orders will be fulfilled upon receipt of payment and then sent out for arrival as close to the release date as possible. Payment is accepted via PayPal, credit card (using PayPal without a membership), check or money order. Thank you for supporting this effort and the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

"After the Storm" is an effort by the progressive rock community to do its share to help out the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. All of the artists involved have graciously donated music to this project, and many have contributed previously unreleased live or studio material, including New Orleans' own Woodenhead. The costs of manufacturing have been donated by NEARfest and NEARfest Records and all proceeds from the sale of this unique compilation will be donated to aid the survivors of Hurricane Katrina through Habitat for Humanity.


Disc One:

1. Echolyn, "15 Days"
2. Happy the Man, "Ibby It Is" (Live)
3. FM, "Random Harvest"
4. Camel, "After All These Years"
5. Mike Keneally, "Time Table"
6. Spock's Beard, "Shining Star" (Live)
7. IQ, "Chemical Rain"
8. Kraan, "Silver Buildings"
9. Mostly Autumn, "Ghost in Dreamland"
10. IZZ, "My River Flows"
11. Nektar, "Phazed by the Storm"
12. Sean Malone, "Grace" (Live)

Disc Two:
1. Kansas, "Song for America"
2. The Flower Kings, "A King's Prayer" (2005 Remix)
3. Woodenhead, "Buzz Beat" (Live)
4. Djam Karet, "The Shattering Sky"
5. Neal Morse, "Sleeping Jesus" (Live)
6. The Muffins, "Essay R" (Remix)
7. Caravan, "Love Song with Flute" (Live)
8. Änglagård, "Gånglåt från Knapptibble"
9. Little Atlas, "On and On"
10. Arjen Anthony Lucassen, "Pools of Sorrow/Not Over You"
11. California Guitar Trio, "Zundoko Bushi" (Live)
12. Pendragon, "Sou' by Sou'west"

Producer: Gayle Ellett of Fernwood Pacific
Executive Producers: Chad Hutchinson and Robert LaDuca
Mastering: Gayle Ellett and Wayne Yentis
Artwork/Layout: Michael Bennett
Manufacturing: Action Duplication