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Live Like This - Blu-ray Pre-Order

08 December 2020

After many requests to release the recent live stream videos we’ve put together a new Blu-ray featuring both the ‘Show of Resistance’ and ‘Ever Live’ shows in HD. The Bluray comes in a 6 panel ‘Bluray sized’ card sleeve (no plastic!) with a 4 page booklet and all new artwork from Tony Lythgoe. We’ve kept the price as low as we could at the moment (£12), and don’t miss the Easter eggs…

Available to pre-order now from the IQ ONLINE STORE.

‘A Show of Resistance’

Sacred Sound
Shallow Bay
From The Outside In
Stay Down
The Last Human Gateway
For Another Lifetime
The Road Of Bones
A Missile
Further Away
Ten Million Demons

‘Ever Live’

Intro/The Darkest Hour
Fading Senses
Leap of Faith
Came Down
Further Away
Out of Nowhere


The Wake, Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, 24th January 2020

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