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20 January 2009

Welcome to IQ-HQ, the new home for IQ.

We're not quite there yet so please bear with us while we get everything else in place with lots of new content.

The reason we have decided to launch the new site early is to get you up to speed with what's been happening with the band and give you some important news on the plans for 2009. We hope you like the site and please update your bookmarks with:

2009 News

11 January 2009
John wins
11 January 2009
Peter Wins
11 January 2009
IQ to headline US festival
11 January 2009
European live shows
11 January 2009
Andy takes a break
12 January 2009
Riding the Frequency
20 January 2009
New Website
10 March 2009
Now the work is done
18 April 2009
One night in Berlin
22 October 2009
2010 live shows
06 November 2009
Paul Cook.....back for good

Archive News

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