"May you never live like this, without the world you’ve known...”

24 April 2020

"Hello – hope you’re all keeping safe and well!

The coronavirus situation is affecting just about every part of our lives it seems – we’re all finding new ways to keep busy at home, and we're sure everyone’s vinyl collection is the most sorted (alphabetically) it's ever been!

In between furiously self isolating and lockdowning we’ve been working on a few things, just because we can really… we got together with GEP a few weeks ago to persuade them to give some of their stuff away (hope you managed to get hold of something?) and we’ve got a right lovely streaming event coming up towards the end of May.

In terms of gigs no-one really knows what’s gonna happen – things seem to be changing on a weekly basis - but we’re currently working on the assumption that we’ll still be able to honour the rest of the live shows planned for this year. As soon as we hear anything to the contrary we’ll let you know, but here’s hoping we get to see some of you in the real world real soon.

The main thing for us is that you’re all as safe as you can be at the moment – please take care and hopefully we’ll see you all on the other side.

Stay safe, Stay home, Stay Down."


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